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AP Picture/The Information & Observer With...

Gunmen Attack Philippine Jail, Free Dozens

Gunmen Attack Philippine Jail, Free Dozens prison break jailbreak jail break generic CBS/AP/iStockphoto Suspected Muslim guerrillas stormed a...

Turkey May Free 35,000 Inmates

A water lilly pad collects rain throughout a soaking summer time rainstorm in Clayton, N.C., Thursday, July 7, 2006. AP Photo/The Information & Observer With...

Hijackers Free Hostages

Hijackers Free Hostages Silhouette of soldiers over flags of republic of georgia and russia AP / CBS Six college college students armed with hand...

Cuba Embraces 2 Stunning Free-Market Reforms

Cuba Embraces 2 Shocking Free-Market Reforms A fruit vendor sits by his items at a popular market in Havana, Cuba, Friday Aug. 27, 2010. Cuba's...

APEC: Free Up Commerce On Pacific

APEC: Free Up Commerce On Pacific Demonstrators set hearth to a portrait of U.S. President Bush, which reads "Bush No, APEC No" throughout a demonstration...

Pentagon: Ecuador Hostages Free

Newlywed Bollywood couple Abhishek Bachchan, center right, and Aishwarya Rai, heart, offer prayers on the Tirupati temple, northwest of Chennai,...

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